102: Benefits of Breaking Up Without Being Broken

We all experience break ups, right?


They suck!


Thankfully, there are benefits to breaking up and today we discuss them.


In this episode of the WPOV series, Ariel, Ces and Rochelle will discuss the benefits of breaking up, why women should embrace them and how to avoid being broken after a break up.



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Episode Title: Benefits of Breaking Up Without Being Broken


Your Hosts:


Music: Vivian Green – Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired)


You Can Say That Again Girl!:

  • When something starts off bad, I don’t know if you can ever turn it into something good.” – Rochelle


  • “If it’s a true friendship I believe you can bounce back from anything, but God has to be at the center of it.” – Ariel


  • “We say we want men to be vulnerable and sensitive, but I don’t want you breaking down crying.” – Rochelle


  • “There is a lesson in everything we do, the good and the bad.” – Ces


Now That’s Wisdom!:

  • The need to take baby steps when co-parenting a child
  • Why you should avoid going back to an ex or a failed relationship
  • The benefits of breaking up


Speak On It!:

  • The ladies discuss their most memorable break ups
  • Ariel shares how great it is to be good friends with her daughter’s father again
  • The impact that internalizing feelings can have on women
  • The most valuable lessons learned from break ups
  • Do men or women handle break ups better?
  • Slippin up and going back to exes because the sex is great
  • Breaking up vs. being broken up with


Let’s Be Honest Girl!:

  • Ces opens up about why she was unable to uproot her life for a man
  • Rochelle honestly admits that she never got closure from one of her worst break ups
  • Can men and women really be just friends?
  • The danger of hanging on to an ex and trying to remain friends
  • The challenge for women to end a bad relationship
  • Handling men who cry after a break up


Here’s What Happened to Me!:

  • Ces tells about the break up that led her to no longer want to find Mr. Right on her own
  • Rochelle talks about some of the trust issues she had to deal with earlier in her life
  • Ces explains how she went from hating an ex to being cool with him again
  • Ariel tells about how her father brought an end to one of her college relationships


Check This Out Ladies!:

Ariel’s blog post about her relationship with her daughter father, Spot Changing Leopards


Answer This!:

Hey ladies!

After listening to this episode, do you believe there are benefits to breaking up?

Leave us a comment below and let us know.