32: Dating Dos and Don’ts

Dating Dos and Don'ts

Let’s be honest…


Dating can be challenging.


Especially, when we don’t know what we’re willing to accept and need to reject.


There are some things we should NEVER do on dates and there are some things we should ALWAYS do on dates.


Find out exactly which behaviors need to be embraced and which need to be avoided while dating in the latest podcast episode, ‘Dating Dos and Don’ts’:



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Episode Title: Dating Dos and Don’ts


Guests: Queen Neen – Follow Her on Twitter * Big BFollow Him on Twitter


Music: Beau Vallis ft. Kelly Rowland – Love Stand Still * Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean – Right There



  • An important key for women is to know the difference between asking questions and interrogating.” – Big B


Key Lessons:

  • Common dating mistakes that nearly all of us make or have made before
  • Reasons to avoid sharing too much of your dating history
  • How men and women can impress one another on a date


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The most annoying things that men and women do on dates
  • How to tell someone you’re not enjoying a date, without offending them
  • Queen Neen and Big B tell men the one thing that can give them an advantage with women


Dangers & Difficulties

  • The utterly confusing difference between dating and just hanging out or talking
  • Why you may want to think twice before introducing the person you’re dating to your family


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Big B explains why women talking too much on a date can completely annoy men
  • As much as women may not agree or want to hear it, Jay explains why it is so important that they know their role


Fun Times & Stories:

  • Jay makes some concession stand confessions
  • Big B share some of his dining horror stories


Hold Yourself Accountable:

Don’t date below your standards.


Apply the Principles:

“Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company ruins good morals.’” 1 Corinthians 15:33 (ESV)


Take Action Now:

  1. Develop your standards before you start dating.
  2. Always stick to your standards. Do NOT compromise.
  3. Be your most authentic self at all times.
  4. Act and treat others the way you want them to act and treat you.


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What are you Top 3 Dating Do’s and Dont’s?

  • Autumn

    You guys were too funny! “What 7 Eleven you be at?”

    My favorite response was Miss Neen’s response about Big B’s date who chopped her food up tiny: “Did you eat?”


    Questions for guys not to ask: “What church your mama go to?” Ha! I love funny podcasts.

    This was a fun podcast because it was just like overhearing friends talking. 🙂

    Top 3 Do’s

    1. Do be on time.
    2. Do be on your best behavior.
    3. Do share about yourself, just not *everything*.

    Top 3 Don’ts

    1. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just one date.
    2. Don’t forget to have fun.
    3. Don’t forget to thank person if you liked them.

    • Jay

      I tried told y’all! We had so much fun and shared so many laughs!

      That’s what I’m saying! I’ll admit it’s been YEARS since I’ve been to a 7 Eleven, but I don’t remember people doing all of that. lol

      Yo! I totally missed that response. That’s a classic! Thanks for pointing it out to me Autumn.

      Yes, we had such a blast! I am so glad that you enjoyed it!

      I really love your Top 3 Dating Dos and Don’ts!!!!

      Especially, ‘Do be on time.’ lol

      Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Queen Neen

      Autumn, YOU ROCK!! I wish you could have seen my face while Big B was talking about 7-11 and his date eating her meal. YIKES!!! Both definitely a don’t!!

      • Jay

        Yo! I would have paid for your popcorn and pop (LARGE) to see your face during that story!!! LOL!

        • Queen Neen

          Whhhhaaatttt!! I would have gotten a LARGE popcorn AND soda?!?! Awww man!!!

          • Jay

            YUP! You definitely would have got them BOTH…at the SAME time too! LOL!

      • Autumn

        You were so funny. 🙂 I’m definitely going to have to find your podcast, Queen Neen!

        • Queen Neen

          Awww, thanks so much Autumn!! :o)

  • YES!!! Also the problem of oversharing on a first date. I just wrote you back to tell you about the guy who showed up thirty minutes late to our date. He then went on to tell me about some of the stuff he was working through with his shrink, and really, it’s way too soon to pull out the crazy. Wait for the second date for that ****. HAHAH!!!

    • Jay

      OH NO!

      He brought up his shrink on a first date?!

      That’s definitely a dating DON’T! LOL!

      I appreciate you replying to my comment on your blog and taking the time out to swinging by here and show some love. It really means a lot to me Charlotte.

      I really hope that you enjoyed the podcast and I look forward to interacting with you more often.

      Also, everyone who leaves a comment here on the website gets a shout out on the podcast. So, you can plan to hear your name on an upcoming episode.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience and stopping by!

      • Awww, that’s awesome! Thanks so much, Jay 🙂 Can’t wait to hear it!

        • Jay

          No problemo. You are very welcome!

    • Queen Neen

      Wow! Charlotte, you must commend him for showing you his “crazy” on the first date. People normally wait, months or a year. Tho, eventually crazy comes out. Soooo, have you been out with him again? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

      • Jay

        That’s a good point Queen Neen!

        Most people definitely try to “sneak” crazy in or up on you.

        Yet, like you said, it will eventually make it’s way to the surface.

        You know I have a no crazy policy, but I’m wonder is there some “crazy” that is tolerable?

        That’s something I’d like to know.

        • Queen Neen

          Well, supposedly, every man likes a little crazy in their woman. You’ve heard your friends say “crazy equals better sex,” right? I guess you just have to figure out what’s right for you. For example, she may answer your phone (using the code she saw you put in) while you’re in the shower vs. slashes your Momma’s tires. Okay, the latter is a little extreme but I know people that crave drama and continuously seek it out. So what are you willing to deal with is the question…

          • Jay

            Yes, I’ve heard that before. lol

            However, I’ve never been “crazy” enough to even want to test those waters.

            Personally, I prefer not to deal with any crazy, but I suppose everyone was a little bit of crazy. It just can’t be anything extreme. That would be a bit much for me.

      • Hi, Queen Neen!! Nope. After showing up late and then hitting me up with crazy, I decided it wasn’t going to work. He was a really nice guy, but he was kind of hounding me with phone calls after (and even FB requested me like, right after the date. Am I old fashioned? I don’t like that!).

        • Queen Neen

          Hi Charlotte!! Well, that was smart of you. You are definitely envisioning what’s down the road (hello Mr. Potential Crazy Stalker). So many times we don’t listen to ourselves, to our inner voice, when we know we should. Run girl run!! Don’t look back!! LOL!!

    • Autumn

      It’s one thing to explain you were at your shrink. That’s fine. It’s quite another to go into detail what you were working through. Whoa. But I’ve been there, listening to such things. What Big B said is right in one way. Men do want you to be quiet and listen sometimes. But! Sometimes you learn way too much, but enough to decide if you want a second date.

      Sometimes I just start talking again to stop the TMI flow. No, I don’t. But I should! I kind of value a little discretion. It’s not about the crazy for me. Everyone has something going on. But sharing it on the first date? Makes me wonder what date 3 or 4 will be like, you know?

  • Queen Neen

    Jay – thanks for the invite! Big B and I had a blast! It’s always a good time hanging out with Mr. Jay Mayo!!

    • Jay

      You are very welcome!

      It’s always a pleasure for me too. Y’all are like family. I think that much is evident by how much fun we have every time we speak.

      Thank you both for such a great experience and allowing me to share it and many laughs with all of the R.E.A.L. Lovers!

      God bless you both!

      • Queen Neen

        You are a blessing to many Jay! Keep it moving! #ONward and #UPward!! HUGS!!

        • Jay

          Awwww…you’re far too kind Queen Neen.

          Trust me, having your support and the support of the other R.E.A.L. Lovers brings me so much joy.

          I thank God for bringing each of you into my life. HUGS!!!

  • Destiny’s Truth

    This podcast was really fun. I felt like I was out with some friends and just having a great time and good conversation. Queen Neen and Big B were so funny! Jay we even got a chance to see your light-hearted side and humor, too. Your Dont’s about not sharing your popcorn was really hiliarious! I could just imagine that gross scene in the IHOP with Big B . WOW! Queen Neen had me laughing about how to tell a guy to close his mouth while chewing. The first date she would give him a pass, but after that she was going to teach him some table manners. LOL! Also, it was good to understand the way men distinguish just talking/asking a question and INTERROGATION. It was great gaining sound insight about dating Do’s and Dont’s without being so serious. This was a nice and refreshing experience after all the seemingly intense topics on sex last month. Great guest Jay and I look forward to hearing them again and listening to their show, too.

    Top 3 Do’s
    1. Be punctual.
    2. Be respectful.
    3. Be honest.

    Top 3 Don’ts
    1.Do not text and use cell phone, except in case of an emergency.
    2.Do not share your dating history and inquire about mine.
    3.Do not text or blow your horn when picking me up for the date.

    • Jay

      Hey Destiny!

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this podcast and got some great laughs too!

      I really enjoyed the fun we had recording this too. It was insightful and fun at the same time. Such a great balance.

      Your Top 3 Dating Dos and Dont’s are great! Thank you so much for sharing them!

    • Queen Neen

      Thanks for listening and for your awesome feedback!! We love it when we get Jay to loosen his purple tie. HA!! I actually learned the difference between questioning and interrogating too! Yikes! Who knew there was a difference. Take care!!

      • Jay

        My tie is purple now?!

        You’re too much! LOL!

        • Queen Neen

          You know the color changes. Depending on my mood!! HA!!

          • Jay

            LOL! Gotta luv that.