Our Statement of Beliefs


We Believe…


  • That the Torah is the infallible Word of YAH (God).




We also believe and teach that…


  • Knowing the culture, language, idioms, and people who penned the Scriptures is imperative to understanding the New Testament.


  • YAH IS SALVATION! Law (Torah), Is the Teaching of Yah that leads to salvation by His grace through faith. The Torah is designed to bless the followers of YAH of Israel.


  • YAH’s desire, purpose, care, and will for man has never changed. His laws (teachings and instructions) are for us because He loves us.



We also want podcast listeners, guests and everyone who visits this website to know that…


  • We choose to use the transliterated Hebrew names of the Godhead (YAH, Yahshua and Ruach haQodesh) instead of the Greek or English translations (God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit). We do not require podcast guests to use the transliterated Hebrew names, they choose what names they want to use.


  • We are not practitioners or endorsers of any religion.


  • We do not believe or endorse the searching or finding of deliverance, salvation or healing (in any aspect of life, including relationships) from within an individual or through Yoga or similar practices. We firmly believe the Torah (The Word of YAH) is the only way to true deliverance, salvation and healing. (Psalm 68:20John 14:6)