120: Are You Treating Your Boyfriend Like a Husband?

In this episode Jay is joined by dating coach Dee Simone to discuss how treating a boyfriend like a husband can impact women and their relationships.


We will examine how easy it is for women to fall into the trap of playing wife, the things women should only do for their husband and so much more.


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Episode Title: Are You Treating Your Boyfriend Like a Husband?


Guests: Dee SimoneFollow Her on Twitter 


Read her AMAZING blog post Stop Treating Your Boyfriend Like Your Husband!


Music: Destiny’s Child – Cater 2 U



  • It’s so easy to sacrifice yourself or give too much of yourself away when you don’t know your value.” – Dee Simone


  • “Why marry the woman when you can get the wife for free.” – Dee Simone


  • “The worse thing a woman can honestly do is trying to hold on to a man who doesn’t want to be held.” – Dee Simone


Key Lessons:

  • Why treating a boyfriend like a husband is not beneficial
  • How easy it is for women to fall into the trap of playing wife
  • Things that a woman should only do for her husband


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The primary difference between a girlfriend and a wife…besides the ring
  • Where treating a boyfriend like a husband starts for many women


Dangers and Difficulties:

  • The danger of forsaking great opportunities to remain in a relationship
  • The danger of shutting out family and friends for the sake of a relationship



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  • singlemomsmile1
    May 24, 2015

    Hey y’all! I’m listening to the show. It is my innate nature to take care of others. I used to get lost in whoever I was dating but never held myself back or passed up on a golden opportunity for a dude. However, I have given too much too soon and didn’t make sure they were worth it. So I’m not without flaw in that department.

    I see nothing wrong helping out a boyfriend or anyone a time or two and totally agree with you all that as long as it’s not a habit it’s okay. And yes when I used to do too much it was for the wrong person and it was with motive. I often felt let down and disappointed when it was not reciprocated. Nowadays if I do something for anyone, male/female, I expect absolutely nothing in return from them because I know God will reward my generosity.

    • Jay
      May 25, 2015

      You make a great point Ariel.

      I believe one of the biggest mistakes that’s made is giving too much too soon.

      It can be difficult to hold back and pace ourselves, especially when we are really starting to like someone a lot.

      It’s truly a blessing that you’ve grown and matured so much. I believe that’s a required process that many of us must go through.

      I’m curious, what were your motives for doing the things you were doing?

      • singlemomsmile1
        May 25, 2015

        I just wanted to be loved and wanted their loyalty that’s all. It was never anything sinister like, “If I do ABC then he will owe me and will have to XYZ when I need him to.”

        I hope I explained clearly. It’s kinda hard to put into words exactly what my thoughts were for being so “nice”.

        • jayrtrl
          May 25, 2015

          That totally makes sense. I appreciate you taking the time out to answer my question. Thank you!

        • Dee Simone- Dee's Dating Diary
          May 30, 2015

          I completely understand what you mean. Sometimes, as women, we feel we have to “earn” a man’s love, attention, and affection. Or, we may feel as though a man will not stay with us and reciprocate that loyalty if we don’t go above and beyond for him.

          Unfortunately, these insecurities can be very difficult to overcome so you’ve done a world of work to get to where you are now. I really appreciate you opening up and sharing your perspective and experience. I’m so glad you enjoyed this show!!

          • Jay
            June 2, 2015

            Hey Dee!

            Thank you so much for swinging by and taking the time to respond to Ariel’s comment. I appreciate that more than you know.

        • Jay
          June 2, 2015

          I understand what you mean and I appreciate you taking the time out to answer my question. Thank you!

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