111: WPOV – Girlfriends Guide to Friendship

Friendship is truly something special.


Unfortunately, everyone isn’t meant to be our friend nor is every friendship meant to last.


That’s exactly why most women don’t take friendship lightly.


In this episode of the WPOV series, Ariel, Ces and Rochelle will discuss and explore the importance of friendship to women.



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Episode Title: Girlfriends Guide to Friendship


Your Hosts:


Music: Brandy – Best Friend


You Can Say That Again Girl!:

  • Don’t ever ask a question that you don’t want the answer to.” – Rochelle


  • “Be the friend you want other people to be to you.” – Rochelle


Now That’s Wisdom!:

  • Dealing with betrayals of trust from friends
  • The differences between male and female friends
  • Why you should NEVER touch a black woman’s hair


Speak On It!:

  • The ladies explain what makes them a good friend
  • Ariel shares why she values one of her closest friends so much that she would even give her a kidney
  • Why it’s difficult for men and women to just be friends
  • The ability of being able to check a friend when you need to
  • Work friends vs. friends we make outside of work


Let’s Be Honest Girl!:

  • Ces explains that she is the “drop everything for you” type of friend
  • Ariel discloses how her friendship with her closest male friend changed after he got engaged
  • Each of the ladies discuss the challenges that accompany having male friends
  • Ariel admits that she used to be a “Super Snooper”


Here’s What Happened to Me!:

  • The ladies share the stories behind how they met their best friends
  • Ces opens up about being betrayed by a so-called friend
  • Rochelle confesses that she betrayed a friend once and she shares all the juicy details
  • Ariel tells about how one of her friends had to check her about talking at people


Answer This!:

Hey ladies!

After listening to this episode, what do you value most in a friend?

Leave us a comment below and let us know or contact us privately.



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