Do you desire to be HAPPY & SINGLE?


If so, you’ve come to the RIGHT place.


The key to being a truly happy single comes down to one thing:


Embracing your singleness


If you’re ready to become a truly happy single and fully embrace your singleness…


…It is my pleasure to share with you the Single is the New Freedom series.


Within this series, you will discover content that will assist you in embracing your singleness and achieving the true happiness that you desire!


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Discover why single is more than a relationship status and is something you should embrace.


Many men have a preference towards remaining single. Find out why.


Being a long-term single is far from easy and can become even more difficult when other people start to make false assumptions and accusations about you. Learn how to deal with this sometimes unavoidable drama.


Navigating the dating scene can be a challenge, but find out how equipping yourself with dating standards and following your instincts can improve your dating experience.


Being a single professional can be extremely challenging, but there are ways that you can balance your work and social life, without having to jeopardize one or the other.


Believe it or not, people who have been in long-term relationships have a wealth of insight and wisdom to share that singles can benefit from, utilize and apply in their lives.


If you have a desire to get married one day, why not begin preparing yourself today? As Jackie Bledsoe Jr. often says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Do let that be you. Begin planning and preparing for your engagement and marriage today.


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