1342: Lies Men Believe About Sex (Part 1)

Lies Men Believe About Sex


On today’s episode of MenChat, Yahnathan Immanuel is joined by author and host of the Simplify Complexity Podcast Pastor Brian Wallace to discuss why men believe lies about sex and what those lies are.

We will explain what leads some men to hurt women and why sex is more than physical. That’s just the beginning of what is a great discussion. Check out the details below for a full rundown of everything we discuss on Episode 1342.


Question We Answer:

  • How does your outlook on sex now differ from your outlook on sex before committing your life to God? (13:14)


Key Things You Will Learn:

  • Why men believe lies about sex. (3:33)
  • What leads some men to hurt women. (11:45)
  • Why sex is more than physical. (13:54)
  • Sex is not a bad thing. (14:12)
  • Lies women believe about sex. (17:52)


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