95: WPOV – The Essence of a Phenomenal Woman

Do you know what a phenomenal woman is?


If not, don’t worry!


Today you will discover the essence of a phenomenal woman.


In this episode of the WPOV series, Ariel, Ces and Rochelle will discuss what they love most about being women and examine what the true essence of a phenomenal woman is.






Episode Title: The Essence of a Phenomenal Woman


Your Hosts:


Poetry: Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman


You Can Say That Again Girl!:

  • When you aren’t confident in who you are it shows in every aspect of your life.” – Ces


  • “If we feel protected, we’ll feel loved.” – Ariel


  • “You can’t overlook the gift for the package.” – Rochelle


  • “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” – Ariel


Now That’s Wisdom!:

  • Rochelle tells men like it is…all she wants them to do it listen
  • Ways that women can realize their true value
  • The power in not needing other people to validate you
  • The importance of valuing and taking time out for yourself


Speak On It!:

  • The true definition of a phenomenal woman
  • What Ariel, Ces and Rochelle love most about being women
  • Rochelle explains the beauty of a woman’s ability to give birth
  • The simplicity of men vs. the complexity of women
  • Why women are attracted to and desire men who can protect them
  • The ability of women to power through and get things done


Let’s Be Honest Girl!:

  • Ariel dives into the superficial things that are great about being a woman
  • Ariel sheds a tear speaking of the remarkable and unique experience of mothering and nurturing a child
  • Things men will never fully understand about women
  • Ariel gives men the green light to fake it ‘til they make it
  • Rochelle explains why she has no issue embracing her inner cavewoman…if a man is willing to hunt and gather


Here’s What Happened to Me!:

  • Ariel official adds sewing to her repertoire on her way towards developing into a Proverbs 31 woman
  • Ariel discloses the impact her father had on how much she valued herself
  • Cesley tells about the transformation she went through from not caring much about her self-image to embracing and loving herself genuinely
  • Rochelle officially has retired her velour tracksuit


Check This Out Ladies!:

Rochelle recommends the book, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts


Answer This!:

Hey ladies!

After listening to this episode, are you a phenomenal woman?

Leave us a comment below and let us know.



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