57: The Naked Truth About Sextin & Naked Pics

Woman in bed sextin

What do men and women think about sextin & naked pics?


Do they think differently?


Do they think the same?


What do you think?


Don’t think too hard about it, because the answer awaits you.


Listen to the latest episode of The Way We Think and find out right now whether men and women think differently or the same about the role sextin and naked pics play in a social media society.



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Episode Title: The Naked Truth About Sextin & Naked Pics


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What do YOU think about sextin and naked pics?


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  • Autumn
    October 27, 2014

    I agree with some of your guests. Sexting and naked pictures are just like sex. Do it when you’d have sex, whenever that is for the person. It’s just another form of sex. And there is the very unpleasant reality that your private moments might end up in the public. Don’t run for office! But I believe if two consenting adults think they can handle it, I respect that.

    It’s funny. I’m really won with words sometimes. Wittiness, banter. There is a hint of suggestion, but just a hint. What happened to subtlety? Waiting, anticipation. That’s such a turn on. Some restraint. With certain people that can spill into sexting, I guess. But just like flirting could lead to kissing or making out. Nothing wrong with a little restraint.

    A lot of your guests said, ‘Nope, not even if married.” I agree one should be careful. Stuff can end up anywhere these days. But whatever two married folks want to do behind closed doors is their business, in my opinion. If a couple has been married for thirty years and they want to send sexy texts to one another to keep romance alive, I just can’t see the harm in that.

    I just thought of something! If one is worried about publicity, just have phone sex or Skype or something that there is no record of. No recording. It’s sad we have to watch our backs that way these days, but it is what it is.

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