94: The Strength of a Woman

There are many remarkable things about women.


However, it is the STRENGTH of a woman that seems to shine above the rest.


Today we explore the wonders of a woman’s strength and other qualities that make women so amazing!


In the latest podcast episode, I am joined by Dr. Vaughan and Life Coach Ces to discuss why strength is one of the most praised qualities in a woman. We also will examine additional qualities that are vital for every woman to possess, if she has a desire to maximize her potential.






Episode Title: The Strength of a Woman


Guests: Dr. VaughanFollow Her on Twitter * Life Coach CesFollow Her on Twitter


Music: Melanie Fiona – Watch Me Work



  • With God on my side, I have the ability to reach within and pull some strength out of my spirit even when I don’t know that I have it.” – Dr. Vaughan


  • “The strength of a woman comes from God.” – Cesley


  • “We should be pulling strength off of each other and not pulling each other down.” – Dr. Vaughan


  • “A woman who has a strong self-image is powerful.” – Dr. Vaughan


  • “When you know your purpose and what God designed you for, there’s nothing else that truly inhabits your heart and your mind.” – Cesley


  • “When you’re broken, you’ll seek out broken people.” – Dr. Vaughan


  • “If you don’t love yourself, you will attract someone who won’t love you either.” – Cesley


Key Lesson:

  • Vital qualities that women must possess in addition to strength
  • The importance of young girls developing a strong self-image at a young age that is based on how God loves and perceives them
  • How women can build their self-esteem, self-worth and self-love
  • Why a woman must love and respect herself before seeking approval elsewhere


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • Why strength is one of the most praised qualities in a woman
  • Dr. Vaughan and Cesley share the belief that being strong encompasses helping those who may be weak, broken and in need


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Cesley opens up about her personal struggles with self-love
  • Dr. Vaughan opens up about the self-esteem issues she dealt with when she was younger


Focus on:

  • Developing self-love.
  • Discovering what God says about you in His Word.


Apply the Kingdom Principles:

“Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things.” 1 Timothy 3:11 (NASB)


  • Destiny's Truth
    February 27, 2015

    Dr. Vaughan and Life Coach Cesley both were highly charged with the Holy Spirit and I felt genuine spiritual fellowship. I am so motivated and uplifted after listening to these two godly, grounded and gifted women. They each shared their personal experiences and highlighted what makes women strong: God , courage to be ourselves, self-love and renewed self-worth. I agree that many times when we lack self-esteem and self-worth, it is because someone early in our lives that should have lifted us, spoke negative things that broke us and disabled us emotionally. However, their message today should cause anyone listening to feel empowered and know that the possibility to heal and grow is available through a intimate personal relationship with God.

    I learned personal love and to value myself as a result of God coming into my life and revealing to me in His Word that everything He made was good and very good. A very insightful documentary that I watched after hearing this podcast the first time (yes, I am listening for the 2nd time) was “Dark Girls”. I had been referred to as being a “beautiful little Black girl” when I was a child because of my darker complexion, instead of being described simply as a beautiful girl.

    Jay, you need to have these ladies paired up again because they are so powerful and “real”. I loved this podcast and it was so full of wisdom and knowledge that I had to come back and write down some of their tips and testimonies. Also, I want to mention that your music selections are always so fitting and appropriate for each individual podcast. You are producing some really great shows. I am loving it. Thanks to Dr. Vaughan, Life Coach Cesley and you Jay. WOW!!!!!

    • LifeCoachCes
      February 28, 2015

      Destiny!! I’m elated to hear that this episode blessed you sis! Honestly, it blessed me too!

      Getting to know God truly is the best decision I’ve ever made for so many reasons. But the best is that in unconditionally loving Him, I learned how to properly love me — and I’m glad you learned to love you, as well. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not dark-skinned but I always cringed when people would say “she’s pretty to be dark-skinned” about one of my close childhood friends. I would always think “she’s just pretty! color has NOTHING to do with it!” Well that same friend is now ripping the runway in New York and letting her beauty light up the house!

      Women were handcrafted by God, so no matter the complexion, ethnicity, body type or hair texture, we each were wonderfully made, good and very good! I know Dr. Vaughan and I both pray that is what each woman walks away with after listening to this episode and come to embody for themselves, day in and day out. Plus, we hope it touches each man, as well! That’s why I asked Jay to chime in for the fellas in the end. 😉

      Thank you again for listening (multiple times!) sis, and I pray you continue to be the light of the world everywhere you go.

      Have an amazing day beautiful Destiny!

      • Jay
        March 14, 2015

        Thank you so much for all of the amazing insights and experiences you shared Ces. I really appreciate that and you taking the time out to respond to Destiny’s comment. Thank you!

    • Jay
      March 14, 2015

      I agree that this was a remarkable discussion and God was truly speaking through both Dr. Vaughan and Life Coach Ces.

      I really appreciate their transparency and willingness to share so much of their own experiences. I do not take that for granted at all.

      Knowing that you have been so positively impacted by this discussion means so much too me. God is so awesome!

  • Yamine
    October 27, 2015

    After listening to this podcast, I burst out in tears because everything that was said was me. I’m broken, confused, have low self-worth and I am working on being a better me.

    You women have uplifted me in a way to seek better for myself and I as go on this journey on self-worth and realizing who I am in God’s image I am going to be sure to fill myself with prayer.

    Thank you again, for giving me the strength to forgive myself for not having all together but seeking out the help that I need and God himself.

    • Jay
      October 27, 2015

      Wow Yamine! Thank you so much for listening to the podcast and sharing your honest thoughts and takeaways with us.

      Definitely continue to seek God and pray. The Holy Spirit is more than equip to strengthen you and increase your self-worth.

      God is with you and He will definitely see you through.

      Thank you for your continued support and God bless you!

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