123: Teaching Kids About Networking and Dating

Teaching Kids About Networking and DatingIn this episode Jay is joined by Bee and Kevin Caldwell to discuss how to teach kids the right things about networking, developing friendships and dating.


We will examine who kids should take advice from, the best places for kids to network and make new friends and so much more.


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Episode Title: Teaching Kids About Networking and Dating





  • Parents should be the primary examples for their children.” – Bee


  • “The parents’ voice is the most influential voice that a child will hear.” – Kevin Caldwell


  • “When you do something, your child is going to look at what you’re doing and suppose that it’s the right thing to do, even if it isn’t.” – Jay


Key Lessons:

  • Parents role in teaching their children the right things about networking, developing friendships and dating
  • Mistakes parents must avoid when providing their children with guidance
  • Why parents must know who their children’s friends are


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • Activities that can help children develop positive and lasting friendships and relationships


Dangers and Difficulties:

  • How parents teach their children to be hypocrites



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  • Destiny's Truth
    June 1, 2015

    Jay, you and your guest (Bee and Kevin) really had a needful discussion that will provide godly and sound advise for many good parents that want to be the most important influence in their children’s lives. Also, this podcast encourages parents to not promote hypocrisy and bigotry in their children intentionally or unintentionally. As a parent I truly enjoyed hearing such a timely message and trust that this message will find it’s way to those parents seeking a platform that shares their views and values. The relationships that our children develop will impact their future and it is never too early to start helping them do it the right way and find real love and relationships that will last a lifetime. Thank you again for your continued efforts to build a better world by aiding individuals in self-improvement, which will result in a future generation with endless promise. God bless.

    • Jay
      June 2, 2015

      Awww you are far too kind Destiny!

      Thank you so much for listening and for all of your kind and encouraging words.

      I am so happy that you enjoyed the discussion and took something beneficial away from it. I pray that other parents find the value in what was shared too.

      God bless you!

  • singlemomsmile1
    June 4, 2015

    Great topic family! As a parent I am not looking forward to the day my daughter starts dating. I must admit I pray regularly for her future spouse.

    I remember being a kid and navigating life in the social arena was hard for me. I never saw what it was to be a true a friend. I didn’t learn these skills until I was an adult well into my 30s.

    I try not to be hypocritical but I know I miss the mark sometimes. I just pray that I don’t do too much damage along the way.

    Bee it was good to hear you! You are so smart keep that light shining lady.

    Kevin, it’s always great to hear from the male perspective on things. Thank you for being open and sharing your thoughts!

    • Jay
      June 5, 2015

      Hey Ariel! Thank you so much for listening to the discussion. I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

      I don’t think any parent looks forward to the day their children start dating. lol

      That’s great that you pray for your daughter’s future spouse.

      I know that God is leading you and guiding you in a direction that you’ll be a great example for your daughter.

      Thank you for your continued support. It really means a lot to me.

      God bless you sis!

      • singlemomsmile1
        June 6, 2015

        Thank you so much Jay for your encouraging words and being in my corner

        • Jay
          June 7, 2015

          Of course. It’s all love sis.

        • Jay
          June 19, 2015

          Of course! It’s all love sis!

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