Before Your Hit Send by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is a fantastic book on how to develop a habit of communicating in a manner that is effective and pure.


This book definitely delivers on the promise to help readers prevent headache and heartache through miscommunication…if they are willing to apply the principles that Dr. Eggerichs shares.



This is the first book that I’ve read by Dr. Eggerichs and now I am looking forward to reading more, especially his very popular book Love & Respect. I was initially turned off by the length of the chapters, but I soon discovered that he presents the information in easily digestible portions that are very easy to understand. Plus, his writing style is very conversational and makes what could be a daunting read into an enjoyable one.



There are only four chapters in the book, each exploring the four elements of wise communication: truth, kindness, necessity and clarity. In each of the chapters, Dr. Eggerich presents a list of character types that demonstrate the characteristics we want to avoid if we desire to develop into wise communicators. Presenting and expounding on each character type really helps readers to hone in on the areas in which they need to improve their communication styles the most.


Something I really like about this book is that at the beginning of each chapter there is a list of biblical Scriptures that present the principle that Dr. Eggerich will be examining. I was very pleased that he placed the Scriptures at the beginning of the chapter, giving first priority to God’s Word over his own, rather than tossing them at the end like an afterthought. That definitely resonated with me.


This truly a great book for anyone who has a desire to communicate in a manner that is pleasing to God and other people. It’s a helpful resource that will help any dedicated reader accomplish their goal of developing into an effective communicator who speaks and addresses others in truth, kindness, necessity and clarity. I highly recommend this book!!!


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