The College Girl’s Survival Guide: 52 Honest, Faith-Filled Answers to Your Biggest Concerns by Hanna Seymour is a valuable and handy resource for any young woman heading off to college or already attending college.


This book is packed with insightful answers to questions that many young women are sure to have at one point or another during their college experience.


One of the things that I like most about this book is that a reader can pick it up, head to the table of contents, locate the question they have and flip to the corresponding page to read the answer. This is the way to go, especially when writing a book for college students. They value their time and don’t want to waste it. Even though this book can be read straight through, the ease of locating the questions that resonate most with the readers and quickly receiving the answer is most appealing.


There is no doubt that Hanna has a heart for helping young women. It’s definitely felt throughout the book. She writes in a very personable tone and is clearly speaking from experience – her own and those of women she knows. I believe that readers will find her tone and approach welcoming as they read along.


This book does a great job of addressing a variety of common concerns faced by college girls. The responses to each question are short, concise and easy to read – no more than 4 or 5 pages on average. The advice Hanna shares is very practical and even though this is a faith based book it is not overly spiritual.


Even though I don’t agree with everything that Hanna advises, I do like that she doesn’t try to convince readers to do certain things. Instead, she presents options and ultimately leaves reader to choose what they will do. I definitely believe that’s the way to go and ensures that her answers don’t come off as “preachy”.


I truly believe this book will be a helpful resource to any young woman in college. It will make a great gift and is sure to help the young women who read it. This is a really great book!


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I received this book free from the publisher through their book review bloggers program.