Put the Disciple into Discipline by Erin MacPherson and Ellen Schuknecht is an excellent parenting book that teaches parents how they can express love and put in place the right limits in their children’s lives.


This is sure to be a valuable and timeless resource for any parents who want to raise their children according to biblical principles.


I found this book to be a must read for anyone who desires to properly influence the next generation to know and love God more purely. It is filled with applicable principles and wonderful examples of how the authors have implemented them in their lives. These act as a great guiding point of how to make the same principles work in the lives of readers.



The authors definitely challenged me to reexamine the biblical principles of discipline, beyond the act of physical correction, which resulted in me confronting flaws I never saw in my parenting approach. They thoroughly examined discipline from what they termed as the “four pillars”, which are: “discipleship, not discipline; desire, not obedience; connection, not control; and growth, not assistance.”



Wow! Imagine not seeking to control our children, but instead connecting with them while reshaping them for God’s kingdom use. I recommend this book to every parent and educator. This book will revolutionize our methods and cause us to avoid many old pitfalls birthed out of ignorance.


I truly enjoyed this book and plan to purchase copies for my clients and family members. Thank you Erin and Ellen for such a labor of love!


If you would like to learn more, you can check the book out on Amazon.

I received this book free from the publisher through their book review bloggers program.