Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio is a book that helps us perceive the giants in our lives from the right perspective…from God’s perspective.


Many of us have giants that we’ve encountered throughout our lives. These giants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and impact us in many different areas of our lives. In this book, Louie focus on five of the most common giants that many people encounter in life: addiction, anger, comfort, fear and rejection.



Louie does a great job of explaining how each of these giants can rise up in our lives and challenge us. I really liked that he revealed how many of us may be impacted by some of these giants without even realizing it. Through examples and personal experiences, he relates to readers struggles and helps us identify the “hidden” giants residing in our lives.



The prevailing message throughout this book is that Jesus Christ has already defeated all of our giants, but we must be willing to accept the victory that He has won on our behalf and trust our lives completely to Him. For some this book may seem repetitive due to the same “solution” being applied to each giant that is explored; regardless of how Louie tries to vary the wording from one chapter to the next.


This book will hit home for many people, but I believe it will leave others longing for more. For those who struggle with fully trusting God and prefer actionable steps that they can take to overcome their challenges, this book likely won’t provide them with what they want or expect. However, it does have a profound message that can bring about a lasting change in our lives when we finally “get it”.


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