How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age by Jonathan Leeman is an intriguing book that invites readers, especially believers in Jesus Christ, to change (or at the very least reconsider) the way they think about the relationship between faith and politics.


This is a book that addresses a number of thought provoking topics that can aid readers in developing a better understanding of how faith and politics relate to one another.



As someone who has very little interest in politics, I was intrigued by this book and interested in discovering what it could teach me about how faith in Jesus Christ and politics relate to one another. There is no question that the topics addressed in this book gave me a lot to think about as I read along and long after I’d put the book down.


By no means is this book light reading, especially for readers similar to me who do not have a strong interest in politics. When I first started reading the book it had my full attention and I was thoroughly enjoying it, but as time passed the more I was ready to get to the end of it. That’s not to take away from the value of the content that was shared though, which is very insightful.


My biggest concern with this book is the lack of Scriptural references on which the author bases many of his beliefs and his positions on various topics addressed within the book. In all honesty, there were some doctrinal red flags I encountered while reading that made me be a lot more conscious of separating what the Word of God clearly states from the author’s personal opinions.


Although I do not agree with everything the author shares within this book, I believe there is a lot to be learned and taken away from what he explores. This is a book that I’d definitely caution serious readers and believers in Jesus Christ to read with a Bible close by. It will aid in identifying what things are truly Scriptural and what things may simply be the author’s opinion. Overall, there is much to glean from this book, whether readers have an interest in politics or not.



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