Kill the Spider: Getting Rid of What’s Really Holding You Back by Carlos Whittaker is a relatable book about how to overcome our difficulties and failures in life by identifying their root cause.


This is a book that encourages readers to stop treating the symptoms of challenges they face in life and instead invest in discovering the root issue and fixing it.



The spider killing analogy that Carlos presents and that this threaded throughout the entire book provides a very unique perspective on dealing with our issues in life. Most people have issues they encounter during their lives, but they often only treat the symptoms (cobwebs). Similar to cobwebs, those symptoms may be swept away from our lives for a period of time, but until we deal with the root cause (the spider) the cobwebs will keep coming back.


Carlos does an excellent job of addressing a serious topic in a lighthearted tone, without minimizing the seriousness of the topic. This is a feat that is not easily accomplished by many writers. It’s his conversational tone, humor and uncanny ability to tell compelling stories that truly make this book.


I applaud Carlos for his candidness in disclosing some of the most difficult experiences in his life. This book takes readers on a journey with him during his time at a facility called OnSite where he received experiential therapy. That experience resulted in remarkable breakthroughs in his life, including the discovery of his spiders.


Carlos uses his personal experiences as a guide for readers to begin taking the steps to discovering what their spiders are. At the end of each chapter are a variety questions that readers can ask themselves to reflect on the concepts discussed within the chapter. The questions will also challenge readers to seriously invest in putting the required work into uncovering and killing the spiders in their lives.


This is a book that can genuinely be a great help to readers who are ready to get to the heart of the issues they continuously encounter in life. For readers who are not fans of storytelling and reading a load of other people’s experiences, this may not be the right book for them. I admit that I am one of those types of readers, but Carlos did a great job of sharing his experiences in an enjoyable way.


Overall, this is very relatable and helpful book. Readers are sure to get the most from it when they are in a serious pursuit of overcoming their issues and in a place where they are ready to put the necessary work in. For those readers, this book has the potential to be positively life changing.


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