Launch Your Dream by Dale Partridge is a simplistic starter guide for launching a business. It’s “devotional” theme leads readers on a 30-day journey from “clueless” about where to start to prepared to launch.


What I enjoyed most about this book is that it’s a very easy read. Even the busiest people with no more than 15 minutes to spare can find the time to pick up this book and read the chapter of the day.



As easy as reading this book may be, putting in the work and completing the tasks at the end of each chapter is likely to still be a challenge for most people. Unless someone is intentional about investing the time, energy and everything else that’s required to launch their “dream business”, it’ll likely just remain a dream. Whether readers act or not definitely doesn’t fall on the author. In fact, Dale has made the process of building momentum relatively easy for people who are ready to act.


The content in the book addresses a broad range of topics related to launching and managing a business. However, when it comes to the depth of the content, this is a starter’s guide at best. Readers won’t find any detailed explanations or “trade secrets” here.


Dale sticks to the core aspects that must be considered when launching a business and I respect that. He has succeeded at taking some of the “pain” of launching a business away for those who may be apprehensive to take the first step.


One thing I must note is that there was one vital element that I found surprisingly missing from this book. That was a connection between launching a business and utilizing biblical principles. Based on Dale’s apparent belief in Jesus Christ and the publisher of this book, I expected for there to be some form of intersection between business and biblical principles, examples or stories. Unfortunately, that element was missing and I can only wonder how this work may have been even more enhanced if they were somehow integrated or woven within.


Overall, this book is easy to read, has loads of helpful information and provides guidance on how to finally launch…if readers are ready to put in the work. However, I believe most readers will likely be left wanting more after reading this book.


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I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program.