The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need: 101 Ways to Win Every Time in Any Situation by Peter B. Stark and Jane Flaherty is an amazing book for anyone who has a desire to learn more about the art of negotiation.



This book definitely lives up to it’s title. Committed readers can pick this book up and learn valuable principles and tactics that can enable them to not only become better negotiators, but better communicators.



One of the things that I enjoy the most about this book is that the principles that it presents are not rooted in manipulation, intimidation or taking advantage of other people. At its core, this book provides readers with principles that, if applied, can transform them into better communicators. This is achieved by sharing with readers the importance of learning how to better understand other people.


It is through our ability to understand life, challenges and circumstances from other people’s perspective that will enable to us to properly communicate with others and even engage in more beneficial and profitable business with them too.


This book is truly a gem packed full of great insights and so many valuable principles that can aid us in a number of facets of life. I really liked that it was divided into two separate parts. Part one focuses on the nuts and bolts of proper communication and negotiation etiquette. Part two is compromised of a list of over 100 tactics and examples that readers can try out.


The content in this book covers a broad scope of topics, but is presented in a manner that is very easy to digest, comprehend and apply. It provides the option for readers to explore the mechanics of negotiating or simply dive right into the tactics that interest them the most. For this reason, I believe this book is a very handy resource that I’m sure to come back to plenty of times in the future.


If you have a desire to learn more about the art of negotiation or are simply looking for new negotiation tactics to test out, you can’t go wrong with this book. I highly recommend it!


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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.