The NIV Color Code Bible is a fantastic Bible that will truly enhance the Bible reading experience.


This Bible may have been designed with children in mind, but adults are sure to find loads of value in it too.



This color code Bible definitely lives up to it’s name. It is very colorful, inside and out. I really like that it is hardcover, has a nice placeholder and is very well put together. I have truly enjoyed reading the Bible with certain passages of Scripture highlighted based upon their theme. It’s important to note that there are not a ton of highlighted passages on each page. There are some pages that have 10+ highlighted passages, but I did not find it to be overwhelming or distracting. In all honesty, many of these pages are within the New Testament, where a variety of themes are presented within the four Gospels and the epistles.


I have to admit that what I enjoyed most of all about this Bible is being able to read through the Old Testament and see each of the passages of Scripture that are referencing Jesus Christ. In the past, I’ve read certain Scriptures and was able to deduce that it was a reference to Jesus Christ and later confirm it by reading commentaries or secondary resources, but in this Bible those passages of Scripture are highlighted and easier to identify.


The only thing I must admit that I did not like about this Bible is the text size. All the Bibles that I own and frequently read have larger text and I could immediately notice the difference when reading this Bible. The text size isn’t tiny, but it is a lot smaller than I prefer.


Overall, this is a really great Bible and I’m so glad to add it to my collection. I know that this is a Bible I will be reading frequently. It may have become my daily Bible for a period of time, but I know the text size is going to lead me to reach for another Bible instead. If text size is not an issue, this is going to be a must have Bible for many readers. Regardless of the text size, this is still a Bible that I highly recommend for both children and adults!


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I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program.