No Silver Bullets: Five Small Shifts that will Transform Your Ministry by Daniel Im is a phenomenal book that explores five small shifts that can truly transform a Christian ministry.


This book should be required reading for any ministry leader who wants to create effective and lasting change in their ministry.



I found this book absolutely eye opening! It provided me with a new and very unique perspective on ministry development and discipleship. Many of the concepts that Daniel shared were completely new to me. I am excited to increase my understanding of them and soon implement them in the ministry that I lead. There is no doubt in my mind that making the small shifts that he shared will have a positive impact on the lives of others.



Not only is this book packed full of helpful information and strategies, but it challenges churches and ministry leaders to examine what they’ve been doing and whether or not it has truly been effective. I like that Daniel isn’t trying to force a particular method of doing things on readers. He presents options, explores their relevance to ministry work and shares how they can be beneficial if implemented properly.


This is a must read for anyone in ministry or a leadership role who has a desire to increase their effectiveness in making disciples and developing a mission focused ministry. Daniel shares so many valuable insights on how to do both and so much more in this book.


I honestly don’t have any knocks against this book. It is a resource that definitely lives up to its promise of helping to transform ministries. That is certainly possible, if readers are willing to better understand their ministries and implement the applicable micro-changes that Daniel shares and examines.


This is a book that I am sure to refer back to until I’ve developed a full understanding of each of the concepts. This book offers so much insight and is extremely helpful. It truly is phenomenal!


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I received this book free from the publisher through the BH/LifeWay book review bloggers program.