Sex and the Single Girl by Dr. Juli Slattery is an excellent workbook that enlightens women on God’s original design and purpose for their sexuality.


This book is a must read for every woman who has a desire to better understand her sexuality.



I have to be completely honest, I was shocked to discover that this wasn’t a traditional book as much as it is a workbook. But as I began to read through and explore the content, I totally understood why Dr. Slattery presented the content the way that she did. The concepts in this book are divided into an easy to read 6-week journey for women to truly get in touch with their sexuality.


As serious as the topic Dr. Slattery is addressing is, she does it in a warm and welcoming way. She isn’t scolding or talking at readers. She is able to empathize and connect with them by sharing her own experiences and the experiences of other women. As readers go along on this journey they are able to relate and connect with the information that’s being shared.


What I enjoyed most about this book is its focus on reflection and response. Not only are readers encouraged to reflect on their past experiences and current beliefs, but they are prompted to respond based on the new information they’ve received from the daily reading. It is through this process that lasting and positive change can occur.


I firmly believe that this book can benefit the lives of women who take the journey seriously and are willing to do the work required to get the most out of this book. This is a book that I will recommending to women I know. It is sure to teach them new things and help them to better understand their sexuality and why God designed them the way that He did. This book is definitely a must read!


If you would like to learn more, you can check the book out on Amazon.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Moody Publishers Newsroom book review bloggers program.