Stronger than the Struggle: Uncomplicating Your Spiritual Battle by Havilah Cunnington provides a simplified and practical approach to the spiritual battles we all face each day.


This book seeks to provide readers with a better understanding of the spiritual root of many of the challenges they face in lifeā€¦and it succeeds.



As someone with an interest in learning more about spiritual warfare, I was intrigued by this book and looking forward to reading it. However, I was apprehensive about what I should expect out of this book. Something told me that this wasn’t going to be an in-depth guide on spiritual warfare, but a book that stayed closer to the surface level of the topic. That’s precisely what it turned out to be.


This book provides a pleasant, biblically based introduction to the topic of spiritual warfare to readers who may not have much knowledge or understanding of the topic. Havilah doesn’t “over-spiritualize” spiritual warfare, but presents it in a simple and easy to understand manner. The primary objective of this book is to bring awareness to readers of their spiritual enemy. Havilah explains who our enemy is, how and why he seeks to attack us and what we can do to fight back and thwart his attacks.


It’s important to note that this is a book that utilizes personal stories and experiences to introduce biblical principles. This approach is sure to appeal to many readers, but not all. Personally, I am not a fan of books that spend more time on stories and experiences than they do the vital principles I’m interested in learning and taking away. For readers similar to me, be aware that this book is loaded with tons of personal experiences and stories, in every chapter. I’d go as far as to say that this book is 90% experiences and stories and 10% principles. Knowing this ahead of time may help some readers determine if this book is a good fit for them or not. For those who enjoy lots of stories, they’re sure to enjoy this book because Havilah has so many good ones.


This is a very helpful book that does a good job of introducing the basics of spiritual warfare. It keeps things simple and biblical. If readers are more interested in the depths of spiritual warfare and how to truly engage in battle with their spiritual enemies, this likely isn’t the book they’re looking for. This book is a primer for readers who know nothing or very little about spiritual warfare or who are looking for information on spiritual warfare that isn’t “super spiritual” and filled with the mention of demons and evil spirits. Based on what readers are looking for, they can determine how well this book will suit their needs. This book fulfills the purpose for which it was written and is sure to help introduce more people to the reality of spiritual warfare.


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