The Daniel Key: 20 Choices That Make All the Difference by Anne Graham Lotz is an insightful book that shares valuable principles from the life of Daniel from Bible that can help readers begin living successful lives.


This book presents 20 choices that if made can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of readers.



There is no denying that this is a well designed book. I’m very pleased with the blue imitation leather with silver script on this hardcover book. It looks very elegant. I found the silver placeholder to be a great and helpful addition too.


This book contains many valuable principles that can result in lasting and positive differences being made in the lives of readers who apply the principles. The chapters are short and easy to read, very similar to a devotional. This makes the reading experience seamless and provides ease when returning to the book to freshen up on the content contained within it.


Anne has a very enjoyable writing style, containing a great balance of transparency, personal stories and principles. This is a book that I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from. It was a joy to hone in on some of the principles that Daniel applied in his life and discover ways that I can implement them in my life to produce similar results. This is a book that I recommend to anyone who has an interest in learning more about biblically based keys to success.


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