Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside Out by Touré Roberts is a book that enlightens readers on the importance of developing inner wholeness.


This book is sure to help readers place more focus on their internal lives and begin overcoming the hurdles that are hindering them from experiencing true wholeness in life.



This is the first book that I’ve read by Touré and I initially didn’t know what to expect. Based on many positive things that I’ve heard about him and his ministry, I was hoping that it would be a home run, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. After reading the book, I’m glad that I didn’t go in with any unrealistic expectations.


There is no denying that this book is filled with valuable insights and loads of experiences that readers are sure to relate to. However, at it’s conclusion it left me longing for more. In my estimation, this is a great book for readers who don’t know much about wholeness and how internal issues they experience – both from the past and present – can impact their lives. For readers who have an understanding of the vital role our inner life plays on other areas of our lives and our need to develop wholeness, this book may not be exactly what they’re looking for and may leave them wanting more than what’s delivered.


One thing that I really enjoyed about this book is Touré’s writing style. He writes in a very conversational tone that makes reading the book a seamless process. He also does a really great job of simplifying a topic that can be made “too deep” by some other authors.


My biggest gripe with this book, which may not be an issue for most readers, is Touré’s use of the word “Wholeness” (with a capital W). I understand that most readers will know going into this book that Touré is a Christian pastor, but I still feel like it would have been a good idea to state at some point in the book that all of the mentions of the person “Wholeness” were references to Jesus Christ. By no means does he attempt to hide his belief in God. In fact, in the latter chapters he begins to switches between “Wholeness” and “God” multiple times. I just felt that it would be helpful to clearly state Who he was referencing when mentioning “Wholeness” as a person. There are so many different things that people are calling God nowadays (like “The universe”) and I believe it’s vital to be clear and straightforward about the God we are talking about and sharing with others.


I may not have liked this book as much as I was hoping I would, but I definitely cannot deny the value within it. Even though there were opinions shared that I didn’t agree with, I still believe this is a book that is sure to help a lot of people. In fact, I firmly believe that this book will be a catalyst for helping a number of readers to begin looking within, addressing the issues that exist and working towards the wholeness they deserve and that will enable them to live thriving lives.


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I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program.