132: Addicted to Love


Addicted to LoveIn this episode Jay is joined by Ginger to discuss love addictions.


We will examine what love addictions are, how love addictions develop, ways to determine if someone is a love addict and so much more.


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Episode Title: Addicted to Love


Guests: GingerFollow Her on Twitter


Music: Sisqo – Addicted



  • If you listen well enough and you look past your attraction to the person, they will tell you everything that you need to know.” – Ginger


Key Lessons:

  • Why the majority of people are not aware of love addictions
  • How love addictions primarily start
  • The different types of love addicts
  • What to do if you discover you are a love addict


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • Questions to ask to determine if someone is a love addict or not
  • Ginger shares the biggest telltale sign that someone you’re thinking about dating may be a love addict
  • How to respond if you discover you’re in a relationship with a love addict


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