2: Do Men Date Certain Women to Impress Other Men?

Have you ever wanted to know if men date certain women just to impress other men?


If you have, the answer to your question is:


YES! You better believe they do!

Most men aren’t afraid to admit that it’s a huge confidence (and ego) booster to be seen with a beautiful woman on your arm.


BUT…you don’t have to take my word for it.


Listen to this episode of MenChat, as three men share with you exactly why men will date an attractive woman just to impress others.



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Episode Title: Do Men Date Certain Women to Impress Other Men?


The Men:



  • “There are some beautiful girls out there who are so, so ugly inside.” – K. Spade


  •  “When I was younger, I placed a higher priority on looks; like it was if she’s pretty that’s all she needed.” – Wisdom is Misery


  •  “As a man, if you’ve got a female that no guy ever checks for then it’s safe to say she’s probably not that attractive.” – K. Spade


  •  “I’m not here to deal with your skin tone issues or your hair issues or your life situation issues, when I’m bringing a physical goddess into the building.” – Mr. Moody


  • “I’m not going no place to showcase a woman. We leave that for these suckas out here.” – Mr. Moody


I Can’t Believe He Said That:

“It’s like a Yelp review! If everyone goes out there and sleeps with this woman and they got nothing but thumbs up and high fives and hitting the like button, then it’s a proven product.”


Feedback Request:

What did you enjoy most about this topic and learn from the answers these men provided?