182: How Men Deal With Exes (Part 2)


How Men Deal With Exes (Part 2) with Shane Paul Neil and Mr. CEOIn this episode of the MenChat series, Jay continues his discussion with Shane Paul Neil and Mr. CEO and they will address the question: Why do some men circle back and try to reenter an exes life?




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Episode Title: How Men Deal With Exes (Part 2)




Questions We Address and Answer:

  • Why do some men circle back and try to reenter an exes life?
  • How does the way a man treats his ex differ if he broke up with her oppose to her breaking up with him?


Key Lessons and Takeaways:

  • Why some men will continue to have sex with two women at the same time when he isn’t fully invested in either of them.
  • The role sex can play in a man’s relationship with his ex.
  • Reasons why men circle back to their exes.
  • Why we should think twice about reconnecting with an ex.



  • Shane explains why men should avoid thinking that their sex game is “magic”.
  • Mr. CEO shares how he reacted when he discovered who his ex was in a relationship with after they broke up.


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  • Autumn
    September 20, 2015

    I think the things men feel about women are similar to what women feel too. They too are comfortable with old lovers. We aren’t that different. I wonder if a man ‘circles back’ why not just stay and try and make it work?

    Mr. CEO was right about distance, though. The bad stuff softens a bit. I never forget the bad stuff, I can just choose whether to focus on that or not. That’s why that breakup discussion is so important. I remember every word of that convo whether it was 20 days ago or 20 years ago. And any negative thing he said then will always be in my mind. Women keep score too. Believe.

    “What benefits do I get from being friends with you?” What benefits do you get from being friends with anyone? What an odd way to ask that question. We meet lots of people–at work, at play, through family. Circumstances change and yes, sometimes that means you are no longer friends with these people. But if you play basketball with a dude and he no longer plays do you ask, “What benefit do I get from knowing you now that we don’t play basketball?” It’s kind of a cold way of seeing people.

    My experience is that eventually it does fade like it does with a waning friendship. When the season is over, it’s over. I just let it die it’s natural death. It’s not always so much drama. And it doesn’t have to be so cold. Sometimes it’s necessary but most times the slow fade works just like it does for any other relationship.

    • Jay
      September 23, 2015

      Great question Autumn! I’m sure the answer will vary depending on what man you ask.

      I totally believe that some women keep score. However, I think men and women may be keeping score of different things.

      I agree that some relationships are just seasonal. Like you stated, some ‘die’ and others simple fade as time passes.

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