135: How to Let Needy Friends Know They Can’t Always Depend on You


In this episode Jay is joined by Courtney Nichelle to discuss how to let needy friends and family members know they can’t always depend on you.


We will examine how to deal with needy people, the signs that you may be enabling someone to use you as a crutch and so much more.


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Episode Title: How to Let Needy Friends Know They Can’t Always Depend on You


Guest: Courtney Nichelle


Music: Emily King – Walk in My Shoes



  • You have to be there for yourself first, because you can’t help somebody if you can’t help yourself.” – Courtney Nichelle


  • “If I can’t help you, let’s find someone who can.” – Courtney Nichelle


  • “Don’t open the floodgates and start something that you know you can’t sustain going forward.” – Jay Mayo


  • “You can’t burden yourself down by other people’s issues. It will weigh too heavy on you.” – Courtney Nichelle


Key Lessons:

  • How to deal with people who constantly complain
  • The benefit of praying with your friends and family
  • How you can break someone’s dependence on you the right way


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • Signs that you may be enabling someone to use you as a crutch
  • Why you should think twice about wanting to be someone’s crutch


Dangers & Difficulties:

  • The greatest challenges of having someone overly depend on you
  • The danger of being a needy person’s “first call”


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Courtney opens up about some of the needy friends she has in her life
  • Jay explains the importance of paying attention to that “tingling feeling” you get when someone may be trying to take advantage of you


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  • mythri
    July 10, 2015

    I listened to this today.. and i have to say i am that needy person, but somethings have helped me out which im going to share below
    before you tell anyone, write everything down in a dairy or notebook thats only for you, when i mean everything i mean every thought you had to the last thought
    2. Pray about it
    3. Go to the bible and look up some of the stuff youre going through and some of the feelings you are having, when you find a verse write it down to the thought you had, and when it comes up next time dont give in just remember the verse
    4.Be patient, God might not answer right
    5. Ask god for help and trust him to do it. 🙂 …
    6. Sing worship songs this helps a great deal! it turns your focus of you & your problems to God .

    • Jay
      July 11, 2015

      Hey Mythri!

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to listen to this discussion with Courtney. I really hope that you enjoyed it.

      The suggestions that you’ve shared are amazing!!!

      Thank you for being willing to share your personal experience and the habits that have benefited you the most.

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