128: Does “The One” Exist?


Does "The One" Exist?In this episode Jay is joined by Peter Guirguis to discuss whether or not “the one” exist and if there is a “perfect” spouse for all of us.


We will examine the struggles we face when trying to find “the one”, whether we choose our spouse or if God has already predestined our spouse for us and so much more.


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Episode Title: Does “The One” Exist?


Guests: Peter GuirguisFollow Him on Twitter





  • I believe that there are multiple people you are compatible with, but there’s one person that just fits the piece of the puzzle perfectly.” – Peter Guirguis


  • “I don’t think that any person that God personally brings into our lives does not have the potential of being the RIGHT person for us.” – Jay Mayo


  • I don’t belive by taking our focus off of God we can find what we’re looking for.” – Jay Mayo


Key Lessons:

  • The differences between God’s perfect will and God’s permissive will
  • How to prepare yourself to find the one
  • How a Christian can find “the one”


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • Addressing the question: Do we chose our “one” or has our “one” already been predestined by God?


Dangers and Difficulties:

  • The struggles we face when trying to find the perfect spouse for us
  • The danger of trying to actively find our spouse


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Peter explains why he once thought he would never get married
  • Peter shares the story of how he met his wife



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