126: Where to Find a Date

Where to Find a DateIn this episode of The Way We Think series, Amber Janae and Sam Thomas Davies share their thoughts on where you can go when you’re trying to find a quality date.


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Episode Title: Where to Find a Date


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  • “When you approach a woman, it is very important to be a gentleman.” – Amber Janae


  • “You need to look at what you can give rather than what you can take.” – Sam Thomas Davies


  • “There is a lot more pressure on men to do the approaching rather than it is for women.” – Sam Thomas Davies


Key Lessons:

  • How men and women differ in their approach to finding a date
  • The best and worst places to meet potential dates
  • Places that will provide you with the best chances of finding a quality date


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The places many men go that limit them from meeting more women
  • Places men and women should avoid when trying to find a date
  • Sam Thomas Davies explains the benefit of being process dependent rather than outcome dependent


Personal Experiences:

  • Sam shares how he changed his approach to meeting women and how it led to him meeting his wife


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