9: The TRUTH Behind Why Men Prefer to be Single

Yes, MANY men prefer to be single…


But do you know why?


If not, that changes today, because the TRUTH will be revealed!


Listen to this episode of MenChat, as three men share the TRUTH behind why men prefer to be single.



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Episode Title: The TRUTH Behind Why Men Prefer to be Single


The Men:



  • “We don’t look at a single woman the same way we view a single man. He has a lot more freedom to do what he wants versus a woman out here trying to do what she wants. We kind of frown upon the things she does.” – Mike B.


  • “When you’re at this age, I’m 23 years old, you just want to live life and you want a chance to date as many women as you possibly can.” – Devin


  • “I avoid getting into a committed relationship because I’m not ready! I really don’t want to do it just yet because of that one word: COMMITMENT! “ – Mike B.


  • “When you’re in a relationship, especially one that you want to go somewhere, you tend to put up with a lot more than what you would if you were single.” – Mike B.


  • “With most men, you know in your heart when you’ve met that person who’s for you.” – Devin


  • “This is something I would like women to understand: It’s not always that we believe that they aren’t the right woman, it’s sometimes that we just fear that they are the wrong woman.” – Kenneth


  • “For some men, being in a relationship is a VERY BIG investment.” – Kenneth


  • “I feel like you can be in a relationship without the commitment, but once I commit to you then I’m going to believe in my heart that you are the one.” – Mike B.


  • “Sex is good, but there has to be more to life than just that.” – Mike B.


  • “Work is never an excuse! The reality is you’re going to make time for what and who you value.” – Devin


  • “If a man likes you, he’s going to SHOW you if he wants to take it to that level. He’s going to SHOW you! There should be no questions asked.” – Devin


  • “I believe when you’re single it’s time for you to work on yourself.” – Kenneth


I Can’t Believe He Said That:

“I don’t know of any man that could honestly say they are content with being single. They might say ‘I’m cool. I been single. I love the single life.’ But when they go home they probably CRY AT NIGHT!” – Mike B.


Call of Action:

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  • Destiny's Truth
    May 23, 2014

    This MenChat was great! It was so refreshing to hear men be so open and honest about why they chose to remain single. I was pleasantly surprised to know that men have fears and truly want something more than sex. I realized that there are some very wise and well-meaning gentlemen that want to get it right when they commit. I really enjoyed this podcast because I was able to learn something and have some laughs too. Mike B’s honesty and laugh when he admits he is just not ready because he wants to be selfish and do what he wants, yet disclosing his longings for a relationship eventually. Devin’s remark about men finding time for what they value and his innocence when he said “yes” to wanting to have as much sex because it is part of being young and living. Last, but not least was Kenneth’s encouragement to women that if a guy feels that you are not the right one, it often has nothing to do with the women and anything she maybe lacking personally. The message this experience creates is very positive and encouraging. God bless you all Jay.

    • Jay
      May 23, 2014

      Wow Destiny! Thank you for such an AMAZING comment.

      It means a lot to know that you enjoyed the podcast and I appreciate you sharing the answers that resonated with you most.

      I really enjoyed this episode too. All of the men did an outstanding job and were completely honest. I love that!

      Thank you for your continued support!

    • K. Andre Daniel
      May 23, 2014

      thanks destiny. appreciate you stopping by to listen to 3 fellas trying to make sense of singledom lol.

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