40: Why the New Boo Makes Some People Act Brand New

Have you ever had a friend ignore you…


…because they have a new boo?


If so, you’re not the only one!


In the latest podcast episode, Jay and Shelby discuss why some people act brand new when they get a new boo and how to deal with it. Listen now:



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Episode Title: Why the New Boo Makes Some People Act Brand New


Guests: Shelby


Music: Ed Sheeran – I’m a Mess



  • People are allowed to have friends. You can’t be a dictator over the person you’re with.” – Shelby


  • “I think it’s really tough when people start throwing their friendships to the side, just because they’re in a relationship now.” – Jay


  • “I don’t want my past coming in trying to haunt my present.” – Jay


  • “If a person isn’t bringing any type of value into your life, it’s best to just let them go.” – Jay


  • “When you’re letting someone control your mind and control what you do, that’s not a healthy relationship at all.” – Jay


Key Lessons:

  • The reason some people act brand new once they enter into a new relationship 
  • How to let someone know that you feel like they have been ignoring you
  • The importance of knowing your priorities
  • How to communicate to family and friends your commitment to your partner and relationship


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The tendency for women to cut off their male friends entirely, when they get a new man
  • Is it crazy to ask your partner for permission to hang out with your friends?


Dangers and Difficulties:

  • The danger of dating someone who is insecure and wants you to get rid of all your friends to be with them
  • The issue of being friends with your exes
  • The danger of allowing the person you’re in a relationship to control you


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Jay explains how a man ditches his roster for the woman he is most interested in
  • Jay shares why he believes it’s beneficial to make a clean break from an ex


Fun Times & Stories:

  • Shelby shares her experience of dealing with the jealous girlfriend of a friend who thought they had a ‘long distance connection’
  • Jay tells about a female friend who completely disappeared from his life once she got a boyfriend
  • Shelby shares a crazy situation involving her, her ex and one of her close friends