30: The Way We Think About Dating in 2014

What do men and women think about dating in 2014?


Do they think differently?


Do they think the same?


What do you think?


Don’t think too hard about it, because the answer awaits you.


Listen to the latest episode of The Way We Think and find out right now whether men and women think differently or the same about dating in 2014.



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Episode Title: The Way We Think About Dating in 2014


The Guests:


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  • “People think that dating or getting to know someone is a chore, because it’s almost like a job interview without the resume.” – Nadia Arain


  • “Dating to me is an interview with hormones. It’s not a commitment.” – Jaha Knight


  • “Because sex is so easy to find, it’s very difficult to find somebody to love and build a solid serious relationship that may lead to marriage.” – Nadia Arain


  • “If you goal is to actually get into a serious relationship, pursue something that’s not a relationship. Make your life more meaningful.” – Brenden Dilley


  • “If you want to thrive in 2014, find a deeper purpose in life.” – Brenden Dilley


  • “You can develop personality, but you can’t develop key things like character.” – Nadia Arain


  • “You always need to possess what you request.” – Nadia Arain


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  • Autumn
    August 2, 2014

    I’m not sure what to say. Overall, I felt the dating scene in 2014 wasn’t good in the guests’ opinions. I’m not currently dating so I hadn’t really judged this year yet. Brendan’s voice stood out for me and while I felt he spoke the truth, it just seemed like such a harsh reality–about relationships being things of change and not necessarily forever–that it was hard for me to accept. I should, but it just was so . . . stark.

    It made me feel kind of old! I’m not on social media and I still move kinda slow and believe in romance. I was watching the Spinners sing “Mighty Love” on YouTube the other day. Made me so happy. 😉 I mean I don’t even have texting enabled on my phone.

    I feel there are assumptions or generalities sometimes which I think may work for most people. But I like to be the voice of the minority. I don’t know a single woman who is posting booty photos.

    I think dating is the same as it always was. There are more tools but people are still dating. When I hear people in successful LTRS, they sound the same as my grandmother about her husband. That, at least, is comforting. And I think that women and women think differently about dating all the time no matter what year it is. Not to swerve, I genuinely believe that. Hope I’m not being too negative, just my few thoughts.

    ETA: I have a question for Jaha and the deep dive questions. Some circumstances can take a long time to work out. If it takes years, should a person not date for all those years until those circumstances change? If they ever do?

    I appreciate everyone’s thoughts. Even though I think differently (I sometimes forget social media even exists) it was definitely a fresh perspective and I was glad to hear it.

    • Jay
      August 2, 2014

      I don’t think you’re swerving. You feel like they think differently and they may just be the case. I know it was based on the answers provided by the guests.

      That’s a great question. Was it in reference to the first bonus snippet or the second one? It sounds like it’s related to the second one, but I just want to be sure.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this episode and the guests answers. Thank you so much for listening and continuing to show your support Autumn. It means a lot to me!

    • Jaha Knight
      September 16, 2014

      I do think that you should wait to fix the issues with yourself before you decide to invite someone else into the circumstances you find yourself in. Or at least wait until they’ve become more manageable and you are more whole. That way you can offer more of yourself to the relationship you’re establishing. However, I do think that when you go back into a relationship after dealing with those issues it is still an adjustment period and some of the previous issues may rear up in that new relationship. That’s the true test of whether or not you have laid the problem to rest.

      • Jay
        September 16, 2014

        That is an excellent point Jaha!

        I agree that any issues that exist should be fixed, as much as possible, before entering into a relationship.

        Also, there will be adjustments that need to be made, the key is to properly manage them in a way that won’t jeopardize the two people in the relationship or the relationship as a whole.

        Thank you so much for stopping by to respond to Autumn’s comment and share your insight.

      • Autumn
        September 16, 2014

        Thanks Jaha, for coming back to answer my question. I was left thinking, ‘Wow, should one wait ten years until all of their issues are managed?” Waiting that long poses an issue in itself. Well, not necessarily and issue, but that’s a long time without a date.

        But waiting until the issues are less charged and one has some proven coping skills down makes sense. No one is perfect and there isn’t always a perfect time. But I like what you said about being more whole. What a great way to describe it!

        • Jay
          September 21, 2014

          Yes, wholeness is definitely essential.

          I appreciate Jaha swinging by to answer your question too.

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