99: Friendships That Fade Away

Every friendship doesn’t last a lifetime.


There are some friendships that fade away.


Find out why that happens and how you can prevent it.


In the latest podcast episode, I am joined by Ashley Franklin to discuss friendships that fade away. Enjoy!






Episode Title: Friendships That Fade Away


Guests: Ashley FranklinFollow Her on Twitter


Music: Yellowcard – Shadows and Regrets



  • Relationships do not work if it’s a one way street.” – Ashley Franklin


  • “You either want the friendship or you don’t.” – Jay Mayo


Key Lesson:

  • The difference between friendships that fade away and those that last a lifetime
  • What constitutes a true friendship
  • The importance of learning from past friendships
  • How to avoid letting a friendship fade away


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The main cause of friendships fading away
  • Passively allowing friendships to fade vs. being fully aware of a friendship fading
  • The benefits of allowing a friendship to fade away


Danger & Difficulties:

  • Ashley explains the challenges that come along with having a male best friend


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Ashley opens up about the friendships that she’s had that have faded away
  • Ashley shares how her divorce resulted in her losing both her husband and her best friend
  • Jay shares about the fading and ending of some of the friendships he’s had
  • Jay opens up about the bridge he burned with a friend