99: Friendships That Fade Away

Every friendship doesn’t last a lifetime.


There are some friendships that fade away.


Find out why that happens and how you can prevent it.


In the latest podcast episode, I am joined by Ashley Franklin to discuss friendships that fade away. Enjoy!






Episode Title: Friendships That Fade Away


Guests: Ashley FranklinFollow Her on Twitter


Music: Yellowcard – Shadows and Regrets



  • Relationships do not work if it’s a one way street.” – Ashley Franklin


  • “You either want the friendship or you don’t.” – Jay Mayo


Key Lesson:

  • The difference between friendships that fade away and those that last a lifetime
  • What constitutes a true friendship
  • The importance of learning from past friendships
  • How to avoid letting a friendship fade away


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The main cause of friendships fading away
  • Passively allowing friendships to fade vs. being fully aware of a friendship fading
  • The benefits of allowing a friendship to fade away


Danger & Difficulties:

  • Ashley explains the challenges that come along with having a male best friend


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Ashley opens up about the friendships that she’s had that have faded away
  • Ashley shares how her divorce resulted in her losing both her husband and her best friend
  • Jay shares about the fading and ending of some of the friendships he’s had
  • Jay opens up about the bridge he burned with a friend


  • Autumn
    March 16, 2015

    This one actually reminded me about romantic relationships. If someone makes excuses, it’s still excuses! There is always time if you want to make it. You and Ashley made it so clear. And the point about Skype and social media is a good one. There really is no excuse except the other person just doesn’t want to make the effort. I’ve done the old school pen pal thing too! (That’s when I was really reaching. But hey I learned cursive for a reason. ;-))

    This was a great discussion! I agree with everything you both said. Thanks for sharing. Friendships are important!

    Why do women drift away from relationships? We can be hollow women too!

    • Jay
      March 17, 2015

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the discussion Autumn!

      I agree that there is no excuse for friendships or even relationships fading away. It’s something that, in many cases, we allow to happen.

      That’s a great question! I’d be interested in getting women’s perspective on drifting away from relationships too.

  • Renatha
    March 26, 2015

    Friendships and how they fade away wow this podcast is another thing I am dealing with as well. Ashley Franklin made a good point that relationships don’t work at a one way street bc I have done that it seems like I’m always doing that or I feel like when everything is going good for you is when friends come around but as soon as things go bad your friends flee like a flock of birds. Jay you are so crazy Lol greys anatomy friendship lol. I love that show number one reason why I’m in school. I have tried to reach out to a girl in my class but she didn’t seem like she wanted to be bothered so I just do me. Idk if it was because she was younger then me but I felt like it was a vague yea we can hang out. I miss my best friend from bac n the day when we played with her rabbit feeding him carrots making pizza together. I liked what Ashley had to say about ride or die friendships bc i am that women too after years of knowing tbat person or that person opening up to me. Ride or die friendships is what we had until she married n I went into the military. I have had a guy best friend since 2005 but we have been thru alot he knows alot about me n i know alot about him but he just recently touched out to me n it’s back to no communication again probably because he is trying to get on his feet professionally in his future job he desires. I appreciate Ashley sharing her stories and being open and honest. I am not perfect I let things that go on in my world take precendence over other things which may or may not be right but  I close up because I am the only bread winner in my house. However I have learned that I need to find a way to balance it all even when trials n tribulations may face me bc I am happy to be apart of this community etc. Thanks Ashley for touching on the fact that we shouldn’t make excuses or choices. Maintaining the friendship was about good point you made Jay as well. Good friendships about hard to come by now a days some women are so catty you can’t even go and get a pedicure and some ice cream without all the drama or if they married and your not the husband gets mad because he doesn’t want her hanging out with a single women or they have to check in every hour with they husband and so it’s like a trust issue and makes hanging out difficult women need women to women time too just like men need men time. I appreciate  that I’m not perfect because I can always learn to be better if I was already perfect I wouldn’t know God or appreciate things in life. I love that song that played during intermission I love music like that I’m different women lol. I agree with Ashley that when a ride or die relationship ends you learn from it. Wow there was so many deep stories in this podcast. Thanks for opening up Jay about your past friendships and being honest about your mistakes. I can relate to the job keeping you busy and away from your friends. Jay you started talking about how you were close to one of your guy friends in your group and then the podcast ended. Was there another part? Overall I enjoyed the podcast very much Ashley is so funny the whole story about her friend not mentioning she was going to be going out with her guy friend. It was good to hear you talk about things as well too Jay thank you for your honesty and sharing your moments as well.

    • Jay
      April 1, 2015

      Thank you so much for your honest and in-depth comment Renatha. I appreciate you opening up.

      Having friends that flee when things get rough is definitely something to be mindful of, especially if they claim to be close or even best friends.

      Finding that balance can be challenging, but thankfully we have God to help us along the way. When we realize we can’t do it all, we must turn to our Heavenly Father for guidance and assistance.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed this discussion and the music.

      The podcast just ended? That’s weird. I’m sure there was more to it. Let me know what happens when you try to listen from that point again.

      Thank you and God bless you!

  • Renatha
    March 26, 2015

    Jay what’s the name of that song you played I really love it I had to listen to it again. Lol.

    • Jay
      April 1, 2015

      It’s Yellowcard – Shadows and Regrets

  • Renatha
    March 26, 2015

    Disregard I had to scroll up I see the name of the music

  • Mario Maddog Diming
    April 7, 2015

    This by far is my favorite podcast!! It hit me directly because I been going thru this in the the last year. Someone that was more than my friend like my Lil Brother. We became super cool and closer than some of the others in our group. Well I could tell things was changing before the major issue happened. But when the big issue happened and he lied I have this thing of giving me good friends the benefit of doubt. But this was his third time and I have this three strikes we are done thing. So I cut ties and he didn’t make the effort to text, call, FB me or nothing for a good 2 months. Still trying to be nice text him on his birthday and got no answered so that was another strike and I moved on. Thinking about it of course I could have handle it better we have seen each other one time since but not the same because I’m still pissed off. We do occasionally text and I’m sure some of our friends know we not as close and probably trying to fix that but I’m not putting all the effort in anymore.

    Mario Diming

    • Jay
      April 9, 2015

      I am so glad you enjoyed this discussion so much bro!

      That’s crazy that your friendship with you Lil Brother turned out the way it did.

      If it’s God’s will, I’m sure things between you two can be mended.

      The key thing is to forgive him for what he did. Hanging on to that unforgiveness will do more damage than letting it go. That’s something to consider bro.

      I pray that things work out between you both. It sucks when great friendships come to an end.

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