15: How Men Feel About Being Rushed Into Relationships

No one dislikes being rushed into relationships more than men.


That is a FACT!


I know many women believe it all boils down to a man’s fear of commitment, but it flows much deeper than that.


You don’t have to take my word for it though.


Just listen to the latest episode of the MenChat series, ‘How Men Feel About Being Rushed Into Relationships’, and you will discover the TRUTH!



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Episode Title: How Men Feel About Being Rushed Into Relationships


The Men:



  • “Rushing isn’t a good thing. The first thing love is is patient.” – Caleb


  • “A sexual relationship and a committed relationship are NOT one in the same.” – Derik


  • “There is nothing scarier than having a woman who is overly determined to get you to be something that you do not want to be.” – Derik


  • “I want to make sure you are the person I am most compatible with because I don’t want to get married more than once.” – Derik


  • “To me, marriage is a beautiful thing. I don’t see anything wrong with it, so it shouldn’t be treated as something ugly or poisonous.” – Jason


  • “Don’t just let a dude have fun with you and not be committed some sort of way.” – Caleb


  • “If you try to give me an ultimatum, I’m going to sit back even longer than you want me to. Just to see what you do about it.” – Derik


  • “If you feel like you have to give me an ultimatum to get me to do what you want me to do, then we’re through.” – Derik


  • “You are not above me. You are not executive level. You can’t give me the ‘You have 3 days to make this decision’ Nah, I’ll make it in one…GET OUT!” – Derik


  • “If y’all been together 7,8 or 9 years and she’s asking you to propose, you know what, YOU OWE HER THAT!” – Jason


  • “If I’m dealing with a woman who can’t express what she feels and can’t really deal with logic, then we’re probably on a countdown to things not working.” – Jason


I Can’t Believe He Said That:

My mama don’t tell me what to do! I’ve never been one for an ultimatum. I like to call myself a werewolf because I’m a GROWN MAN DAWG!Derik


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