78: How to Get Over Your Ex

How to Get Over Your Ex

Do you have an ex you can’t seem to shake?


If so, you’re not alone nor is your situation a hopeless one.


Find out TODAY how you can get over your ex for good!


In the latest episode of the Listen Up Ladies series, my guest Marci Batiste and I will be addressing the concerns of a woman who can’t seem to let go of her ex and wants to know how she can get over him once and for all.


Listen now to discover how you can get over your ex too!



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Episode Title: How to Get Over Your Ex


Guest: Marci BatisteFollow Her on Twitter

Check out her book Journey to Find Your Butterfly Potential


Music: Mary J. Blige – My Life



  • “I had to first learn to be alone, before I could learn to be in a relationship.” – Marci Batiste


  • “There are certain things that you have to go through in order to live out the plan you were put here to execute.” – Marci Batiste


  • “You have to learn to love yourself first and more.” – Marci Batiste


  • “What you think doesn’t move me.” – Marci Batiste


  • “As long as you’re holding on to the old one, you can never be fully present with the new one.” – Marci Batiste


  • “You can’t blame your situation on anyone other than yourself.” – Marci Batiste


Key Lessons:

  • The importance of being yourself first and developing self love
  • How to get out of the habit of blaming other people for your own mess
  • How to get over an ex when the sex is amazing!
  • The power you have in choosing between your short-term gain or your long-term happiness


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • The Chaos I Know vs. The Chaos I Don’t Know
  • Marci explains how getting rid of a relationship is just like losing weight!
  • Marci shares why we should always consider the impact of soul ties before becoming intimate with someone
  • The role addiction plays in some people’s inability to get over an ex


Dangers & Difficulties:

  • How fear can hinder you from getting over your ex for good
  • The danger of jumping from relationship to relationship
  • The dangers of allowing an ex to remain resident in our hearts, our minds and our lives


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  • Marci shares her personal experience of being in an unhealthy relationship and how she found her way out of it


Insight & Action Steps:

  1. Answer this question: Is having your ex in your life good for you, your business and your loved ones?
  2. Make a decision to let your ex go.
  3. Seek God for peace with your decision.
  4. Forgive your ex and yourself.
  5. Take the first step forward.


Apply the Principles:

For with God nothing will be impossible. “ Luke 1:37 (NKJV)


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