12: Signs You’re Moving Too Fast

The pace of your relationship is important.


Moving too fast can be dangerous…


…For you and your partner.


To avoid the mistake of moving too fast or to learn how you can readjust the pace of your relationship, you must listen to the podcast episode, ‘Signs You’re Moving Too Fast’:



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Episode Title: Signs You’re Moving Too Fast


Guests: CourtneyFollow Her on Twitter * Mike B.Follow Him on Twitter


Music: Jade Alston – More Than Friends * Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong



  • “If we ain’t going to Applebees 2 of $20 and we going to Ruth Chris…I love you boo! “ – Mike B.


  • “Moving too fast is like being in the same book, but somebody may be a chapter ahead of you.” – Courtney


  • “Lotion is important. ALWAYS wear lotion.” – Courtney


  • “I’m not going to mess with you just because you’re cute and I want some. I’m going to mess with you because I do like you, I have feelings for you and I hope we have feelings for each other.” – Courtney


  • “I’m not going to sit there and express my feelings. Honestly, you have to say something to me FIRST!” – Courtney


  • “Keep your friends OUT of your business. Point blank. Period.” – Courtney


  • “I want to enjoy the moment of being engaged, before I decide to to tell people. Let me tell people! I don’t need Facebook or Instagram to know I did it.” – Courtney


  • “To me, being in a relationship and having some type of bond with that woman was more important than just getting the drawls.” – Jay


  • “Message to the young girls: Just because you sleep with him doesn’t mean he’s going to be with you.” – Courtney


Key Lessons:

  •  Pumping your brakes on using the “L-word” is MUST
  • Determining the best pace for your relationship
  • How to reduce outside influences on your relationship


Hot Topics & Takeaways:

  • How to avoid catching feelings
  • Expressing how you feel about someone too soon can be a TURN OFF
  • 6 Month Proposal: CRAZY or COOL?
  • Sex vs Relationship: Which is more highly valued?


Dangers & Difficulties:

  • Giving up the drawls will never KEEP a man around
  • Social media is one of the main culprits that keeps people from truly getting to know one another


Experience is the Best Teacher:

  •  Courtney explains how she completely erases exes out of her memory
  • Courtney believes that CONSTANTLY asking questions can help people from getting their feelings hurt and ensure that both partners are on the same page


Fun Times & Stories:

  •  Mike shares about the woman he dated who’s family was ALWAYS around when they were together


Hold Yourself Accountable:

You can either allow someone to dictate the pace of your relationship for you or you can acknowledge the control you have and make a choice to not move faster, or even slower, than you are comfortable, capable or ready to move.


If the person you’re interested in dating or are already in a relationship with can’t respect your need to move at a different pace, you may need to reevaluate if that’s someone who you are properly aligned with and should remain with.


Apply the Principles:

“But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Romans 8:25(ESV)


Take Action Now:

  1.  Determine if you’re comfortable with the current pace of your relationship
  2.  Examine why you would like to change the pace of your relationship
  3.  Discuss the current pace of your relationship with your partner and share with them why you feel that pace isn’t right for you and/or the relationship. Be honest!
  4.  Allow your partner to share how they feel about the current pace of the relationship. Listen attentively to them!
  5. Make a decision to either continue at the current pace, change the pace or discuss other possible options (preferably with your partner). However, if you know that you two are not properly aligned, you must do what’s best for you.


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