261: How to Avoid the Friend Zone (Part 2)


How to Avoid the Friend Zone (Part 2) with Nate AdlamIn this episode, Jay continues his discussion with by Nate Adlam to address the question: What often places a person in the friend zone?




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Episode Title: How to Avoid the Friend Zone (Part 2)


Guest: Nate Adlam Follow Him on Twitter



  • “A person that can control our happiness, in many cases, is someone who can control our lives.” – Jay Mayo


  • “As adults, we must make sure that we are in relationships for a purpose.” – Jay Mayo


Question We Address and Answer:

  • What often places a person in the friend zone?


Key Lessons and Takeaways:

  • The danger of allowing someone to be responsible for our happiness.
  • Why we must know our motive for wanting to develop friendships.
  • The importance of teaching children how to genuinely develop friendships.



  • Jay opens up about how he reacted after being rejected by a girl he wanted to be in a¬†relationship¬†with.


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  • Autumn
    December 21, 2015

    Thanks so much to you both for sharing your insights.

    Good questions about friendships. I mean why do you want any friend in your life? You need support and want support in return. It’s a good person and you think that you both would be good for one another. They are fun and make you laugh. They add joy to your life. That’s what God told me recently. I asked him about a female friend and an ex-boyfriend and whether I should keep them in my life. He said, “If they add joy to your life.” God in my head is very brief. But deep. As long as being friends is bringing me all of the joy and none of the angst it was a good barometer. I would also add if I’m bringing joy to their lives as well.

    I stop being friends with someone when our interests change and I start becoming a bit bored hanging with them. No joy. I do enjoy my conversations with Him. I learn so much.

    Nate is right about checking your own motives. The few times I noticed my intentions weren’t what they should be, I will end the friendship or take a break until I can be friends from the right place.

    • Jay
      December 22, 2015

      Thank you Autumn! I appreciate you listening to our discussion.

      Yes! Joy is such an important aspect of our friendships. You’re right about that.

      Oh yeah! Our motives must be pure. There’s no doubt about that.

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights!

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