How to Deal with Rejection

how to deal with rejection


Many of us struggle with rejection.


Unfortunately, we don’t always know the right ways to deal with rejection.


I want to share with you some of the most effective ways that I’ve learned how to deal with and overcome rejection.

To properly deal with rejection requires the right perception and a willingness to deal with it head on.


On today’s episode of the Right to R.E.A.L. Love Radio podcast, I address how to deal with rejection from a coaching perspective.


I will share with you actionable steps that I and clients I coach take that enable us to effectively  deal with rejection. I’ll also open up about my personal experiences with rejection and how God has helped me to heal. That’s just the beginning of what is a great episode. Check out the details below for a full rundown of everything I discuss on Episode 1293.


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Key Things You Will Learn:

  • How an early rejection in Yahnathan’s life made him fear rejection and avoid approaching women he liked  (3:50)
  • The recent rejection Yahnathan experienced from friends, mentors and podcast listeners (6:06)
  • How to minimize the sting of rejection (6:48)
  • The reason why many people want to overcome rejection and stop taking rejection personally (7:48)
  • The first step you must take to overcome rejection (8:19)
  • Why we must stop trying to avoid rejection (9:27)
  • Why avoidance is an ineffective way of dealing with rejection (10:02)
  • The value in crying out to God for help (12:52)
  • That God is always there when we need Him the most (14:09)
  • How rejection is an affliction (14:41)
  • Why God desires for us to be healed (16:07)
  • Why we should turn to God when we experience difficulties in life (16:55)
  • The power in daily affirmations (19:24)
  • Two daily affirmations to begin reciting every day (19:57)
  • Why you are not being rejected when you experience rejection (22:11)
  • Three possible outcomes to prepare for in order to minimize the sting of rejection (22:51)
  • The book that will help you to not take rejection personal (26:07)


Biblical Kingdom Principles I Discuss:

  • “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears
    and delivers them out of all their troubles.
    18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
    and saves the crushed in spirit.
    19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
    but the Lord delivers him out of them all.
    20 He keeps all his bones;
    not one of them is broken.”
    Psalm 34:17-20 (ESV)


Valuable Resources I Mentioned:


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